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Accessible Space, Inc. 

Their mission is to provide accessible, affordable, assisted/supportive and independent living opportunities for persons with physical disabilities and brain injuries, as well as seniors. They provide cost-effective management of accessible, affordable housing, as well as the provision of assisted/supportive living…


AbilityFirst is a leader in operating group residential facilities for individuals with physical and developmental disabilities in Pasadena, CA. Each facility offers spacious shared bedrooms, a community living room and kitchen, and large outdoor areas for recreational activities, as well…

The John Stewart Company 

The John Stewart Company is the largest developer and manager of supportive housing and “special needs” housing in California. These properties provide both affordable housing and specialized supportive services to a wide range of target populations, including disabled. 

Irvine Land Trust 

A community land trust (CLT) is an independent nonprofit organization created to oversee affordable housing and preserve it for future generations. The Irvine Community Land Trust (ICLT) was created by the City of Irvine to provide secure, high-quality affordable housing.